Beaded Earrings Cultivate an Exotic and Sultry Look

Beaded Earrings Cultivate an Exotic and Sultry Look

When we think beads, we normally think of bracelets, anklets, hair ornaments and necklaces.  But what about beaded earrings?  Worn as a singular statement or mixed and matched with other jewelry, beaded earrings add a luxurious bohemian vibe to any outfit!  There's a reason why beaded earrings are amongst this year's top fashion trends according to Vogue magazine.

We love them dressed up or down.  Picture a white flowy top paired with denim or a little black dress with the perfect beaded statement earrings.

However, not all beads are created equal.  For an upscale look, be sure to look for jewelry made with glass beads vs plastic.  Miyuki Delica Glass Beads are considered to be a world standard and are known for their radiance, high quality, and uniform cylinder shape.

Beaded earrings come in a variety of silhouettes.  Two of the most popular being the beaded hoop earrings and the beaded tassel earrings.

Choose from a variety of multicolored or monochromatic designs and mix and match according to your clothing, and existing jewelry.  If you want to switch up your traditional metal-and-stone jewelry pieces, beaded accessories are the way to go!

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